Get Your Video Pages Ranked in Google Search Results

The Video Object Schema Module makes it easy to add the necessary code for Google to index your page as a video page in Google search results using a rich snippet. This increases visibility of your page by displaying it on the videos tab.

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How this Module Helps With Search Engine Optimization

  1. Embed your HubSpot, YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo video onto your page using the video module provided by HubSpot or your theme provider
  2. Next, drag the Video Object Schema module directly below the video embed and fill out the data fields
  3. Submit your page to Google Search Console for indexing. 
  4. Finally, check back in Google Search Console in 7 days to verify it recognizes your page as containing a video.
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Module Demo

How it looks in the page editor

Screen Shot 2023-06-28 at 5.30.01 AM

How it looks in the source code of the page - what Google search bots will read

Screen Shot 2023-06-28 at 5.37.05 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

Features and Benefits

  1. It helps your pages with video embeds be recognized as a video pages in Google search results. Without video object schema, Google and other search engines may not discover your video.
  2. Drag and drop below any existing video embed and fill out the data fields. The module will take of the rest.

Some pages you create will require an image gallery or tab content, but others will not. HubSpot modules give you the control to add new functionality to only the pages you need without impacting the rest of the pages on your website. These modules are added to drag-and-drop areas or sections when editing a page. If you are more familiar with WordPress, they are like blocks or plugins in that CMS.

HubSpot CMS Hub Overview

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HubSpot CMS Hub Features

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HubSpot CMS Hub Benefits

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Get Started

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Module Documentation


Drag this module into an empty column or between modules.

Choose Video Type

Select what type of video embed you are using. If you are using YouTube, the thumbnail and  embedurl will be pulled in automatically.

YouTube ID

Enter the YouTube Video ID. It is the string of characters after v= in the youtube watch page

Video Embed URL

If you selected other video type, you will need to add the embed URL. This is the URL directly to the platform hosting the video and can often be found in the embed code you used.

Video Thumbnail

Upload an image to use as your video thumbnail

Video Title

Enter your video title. This can be different from what you are already using on the video embed service.

Video Description

Enter a description for your video


Enter the date the video was published

Duration = Minutes, Seconds

Enter the minutes and seconds for your video


There are no style options available in this module.