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For small marketing teams or business owners

  • One-on-one attention. Unlike a full team of people at an agency, I'll be your dedicated consultant. This means you'll have my full attention and support, and I'll get to know your business and your website inside and out. I have less overhead, less meetings, and more collaboration.
  • Quick, Kind, and Reliable Support. You'll have access to the expertise and support you need to keep your website running smoothly and up-to-date. I can help you with everything from development to SEO so you can focus on running your business.

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I believe embracing modular web design can significantly decrease the need for an expensive full website redesign every three years. It’s a new commitment to designing modules instead of designing entire websites.

Read My Modular Web Design Manifesto - A Call to Modules!


Easy to Use and Customize for Your Brand

A Professional Set of HubSpot Modules to Save You Time and Money

Header with Line HubSpot Module - Jake Addons for HubSpot CMS

Header with Line

The Header with Line HubSpot Module gives you full control of the style and position of the header text and line. You can even set a background image for your header text.

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Overlap Card HubSpot Module - Jake Addons for HubSpot CMS

Overlap Card

Want to have a text block overlapping an image? Or the reverse with the image on top of text? Now you can do this easily without writing any code. Overlap Card HubSpot Module,

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Spacer HubSpot Module - Jake Addons for HubSpot CMS

Spacer Module

The Spacer HubSpot Module makes it easy to add space vertically, horizontally, or both with this spacing module for HubSpot CMS.

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Event Agenda HubSpot Module - Jake Addons for HubSpot CMS

Event Agenda

The Event Agenda HubSpot Module makes it easy to create a multi-day or topic agenda for an upcoming meeting or conference. Good for SEO and readability.

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