Benefits of Jake Addons for HubSpot CMS

All HubSpot modules can be used with any theme and are not scoped to a particular theme.

For Marketers

No HubSpot developer? No problem. Jake Addons makes it easy to add new functionality to an existing theme without the need to hire an outside developer.

Peace of mind knowing you are continuously improving one of your biggest marketing investments. Sometimes you want new functionality but cannot justify the cost of building something from scratch.


For Designers

Designer-friendly modules make editing the styles a breeze. 

Intuitive to use and edit. You will spend more time designing and less time reading documentation and fumbling with clunky usability.


For Web Developers

Why reinvent the wheel when you can save precious time adding modules to your client themes.

Get up to speed fast starting projects by looking at how I have built modules and remix them for use in your projects.


For Agencies

Earn additional revenue that is an added benefit to your clients. The white label option allows you to brand the modules to your agency to quickly add value without the extra time and cost of building in-house.

Your client will always know whom to contact if they need help. Modules contain your branding and documentation links pointing back to your company. This acts as a breadcrumb to your agency in the event an employee leaves or joins your client. 


Join a Community of Innovators Who Want to Grow and Continuously Improve Their Websites

Collaborate and have a voice in the future product developments.  Instead of hiring a developer for expensive one-off projects, collaborate with other HubSpot users to suggest and vote on the modules you want to see added next. Then everyone gets to benefit from this added value.


Who is Jake Lett?

I have worked with marketers who want to add new functionality to their websites but feel stuck because they don't have the budget or technical skills to build something custom. They also want to improve their websites overall but can't afford to hire an agency or full-time employee. My goal is to help make this a little easier. Read my full bio.